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Asphalt Hull Paint-Chenguang Asphalt Paint



The asphalt paint of our company has passed the certification of Quality Credit Monitoring Association. All kinds of asphalt paint has the quality certification and reach the standard. The main products include: construction coating, anticorrosion coating, heavy duty anticorrosion coating, floor coating, industrial coating, civil use coating and synthetic resin.
Composition: epoxy resin, long oil alkyd, coal tar-pitch, organic solvent
Characteristic: The film of the paint is tough and wear-resistant. It enjoys excellent mechanical property, chemical resistance, water-resistance and adhesion to the surface of metal and cement.
Purpose:? The paint is applied to the inner wall of the high pressure pipeline, chemical equipement, underwater constructure, hull, underground water and gas conveyance and the inner wall of the valve.
Construction Reference: Brush painting is prefered. Clean the substrate before painting. No grease, no impurity. Stir the two components and use it up in 6h. Use the paint as soon as mix it or the paint will become blue.
Anticorrosion Plan of Epoxy Coal Asphalt Paint


slight anticorrosion




thickness of the coating mm

one layer of primer
two layers of topcoat

one layer of primer
one layer of glass cloth
three layers of topcoat


one layer of primer
two layers of glass cloth
four layers of topcoat


one layer of primer
seven layers of glass cloth
nine layers of topcoat

thickness of the coating mm





Construction Condition: The temperature must be above 5 c°. The temperature of the paint is above 15 c°. The best scale of temperature of the surface and the paint is between 15 c°-25 c°. The construction site must be dry. In the narrow place and in the drying period it is must be well ventilated.
Transportation and Storage:
When in the transportation keep the paint away from the rain, sunshine and collision.

Keep the paint in the cool places and avoid explosure to the sun. Leave the paint away from fire and heat.
Safety Regulation:
Keep the construction site well ventilated. The painter should wear glasses, gloves and mask. Avoid touching with paint and breathing in the spray. No fire and smoking.

Notes: The instruction is the accumulation of our experience. With the improvement of the antirust paint the reference data will be changed.


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