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                  Epoxy Paint
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                Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Ltd, established in 1990, is a well-known chemical company with fixed assets of RMB50 million。 We Chenguang is a modern manufacture who import advance technical and equipments, using high quality materials and producing series of Brand ‘WaiXing’ paints。. We Chenguang are specialized in producing anti-corrosion paint, anti-rust paint, epoxy paint, floor varnish, steel construction-using paint, bridge -using paint, fluor-carbon painting, acrylic paint, acrylic polyurethane varnish, high temperature resistant silicone paint, perchlorethylene varnish, chlorosulfonation lacquer, high chloride paint, chlorinated rubber paint, epoxy coal tar varnish, rod-marking lacquer, fire proof paints and so on. These paint received various praises at the sample test of State Administration of Quality Supervision and gained all kinds of rewards for many times
                2019-8-16 | The Floor Paint Plan of Tianjin Chenguang Chemical Coating Co., Ltd.
                2009-7-6 |  Oil-Based Paint Poisoning
                2009-7-6 |  Low Cost Options for High Style Improvements Paint
                2009-7-6 |  The Dow Chemical Co. Forms Dow Coating Materials
                2009-7-6 |  The Promise of Green Paint
                Office Telephone:86-022-86872099 26910927   Fax:86-022-26910931   24 Hours Service Hot Line:13821032998
                Address:Qudian industrial area, Beichen District,Tianjin      Technology:TianjinShi Chenguang Chemical Coating CO,. Ltd.
                Products Links:PaintCoatingAnti-rust paint Heat resistanceFloor paintEpoxy Zinc-rich primer and carbon paintAnti-corrosion paintAsphaltum paintAnti-staticpaintPaint projects